What is an insurance assignment?


Funding a Funeral is a financial undertaking that some families are not prepared for. Even when a Life Insurance Policy is in place it can take 30-90 days to pay out to the family, and Funeral Homes require funding up front. With Claim-Pro you can use the money from an existing policy to immediately cover the cost of a funeral at a small percentage.



50 Years of Experience & No Chargebacks


Once the assignment is Verified & Paid there are Zero Chargebacks. With an experienced management team made up of attorneys, CPAs and insurance experts, Claim-Pro takes our commitment to ensuring you get paid to the next level by helping you navigate the legal system with contestable claims.

How It Works

Claim-Pro has ONE form packet for every insurance policy. You can locate our forms (link to forms) either through our website or your Case Management Partners Files. Once the forms are completed, you then will send them via fax or email attached with Proof Of Death. You can track the claim’s status through your login (link to login) and should expect funding within 48 hours. The small percentage will be added to the total of the assignment and paid for by the family.

3 Easy steps to get started


Complete Forms


Submit Documents


Receive Payment


Frequently asked questions

If there is a problem with the claim do you charge the funeral home back?

Never, we do NOT charge back…only in the case of fraud.

What is needed to submit a claim?

Our one page Irrevocable Assignment, a funeral bill and a proof of death. NO SPECIFIC CLAIM FORMS REQUIRED!!

Do you require a death certificate to be paid?

No, please send it to us with the original paperwork as soon as you receive it though.


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